Do you have someone in your life you’d love to include in your wedding party but you’re not sure where? Oftentimes we have a sister, niece, cousin, or family friend who is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid. But don’t worry! There’s still a special way to include her in your big day. While your bridesmaids are busy planning the bachelorette and popping champagne the morning of, don’t forget to integrate your junior bridesmaids into pre-wedding and wedding day festivities. Your big day is big enough to include everybody you love!


What is a Junior Bridesmaid?

First of all, what exactly is a junior bridesmaid? It’s a younger member of the wedding party (usually between 8-16 years old) who is too old to be a flower girl but too young to be a bridesmaid. This might be a younger sister or sister-in-law, a cousin, a niece, a daughter, or a close family friend.


What Does a Junior Bridesmaid Do?

Of course, a junior bridesmaid’s responsibilities will depend on your wedding plans and her relationship with the bride. There are a few key duties she should be prepared for. Before the wedding, your junior bridesmaid should attend the rehearsal dinner and ceremony rehearsal. Traditionally on the big day, she will walk ahead of your bridesmaids and stand with you at the altar.

Your junior bridesmaids may also want to participate in pre-wedding events like your bridal shower. Enlist her to assemble bridal shower favors, participate in games, and help set up or clean up with your bridesmaids. If your junior bridesmaid is your sister or your daughter or you’re particularly close, make sure to include her in more pre-wedding activities and make her an integral part of the ceremony. Invite her to join you for wedding dress shopping or cake tasting. For the big day, she can escort you down the aisle, read a poem, or participate in family vows.


What Should a Junior Bridesmaid Wear?

A junior bridesmaid is a member of the bridal party so she should match the people joining you at the altar. If you’d like her to stand out, consider putting her in a different shade from your bridesmaids, a different color in the palette, or a matching floral print to the bridal party. Pair her dress with a slightly smaller bouquet than the bridesmaids.

Instead of shopping from the many bridesmaid designers, make your junior bridesmaid dresses truly unique. If your junior bridesmaid is on the younger side, Eva la Cúz offers handmade dresses for up to 8 years old so she can stand out in her special role.

If your bridal party is in an off-the-shoulder dress, your junior bridesmaid would fit right in with the pink topaz dress. It features an off-the-shoulder silhouette with lace straps and satin bows. The dusty rose, airy taffeta skirt, and delicate details create a dress whimsical and unique as your junior bridesmaid!

Blue color palettes have been a standout for bridal parties and it’s easy to see why! Your junior bridesmaid will absolutely sparkle in the topaz dress. The bodice features just the right amount of beading and appliques finished with a scalloped hem and statement bow. The dusty blue color of this dress would look right in place for a mismatched bridal party of different blues.

Make your junior bridesmaids shine almost as bright as you in the pearl dress. Whether you have a white color palette or just want your junior bridesmaid to match you, this sequin lace dress will be a vision in white with its illusion necklace and oversized bow.

Let your junior bridesmaid shine in the rich purple of the amethyst dress. Perfect for a more formal wedding, the bodice of this dress is beaded to resemble a million sparkling flower petals. Scalloped edges and flutter sleeves complete this regal dress fit for a princess!

July 14, 2021 — Jennifer Ladd