A baby’s christening is one of the first precious moments in their life -- and they should have a special gown to match the occasion. But how do you choose a baby’s baptism gown? There are a few things to consider.

Typically, a christening baby gown is pure white to symbolize innocence and purity. Traditionally, the dress is made out of cotton, silk, satin, or delicate organza. Cotton, silk, and linen are natural fibers that are comfortable and breathable for a child to wear. For warmer weather, cotton and linen are breathable materials, whereas fall and winter ceremonies typically use heavier and warmer christening gowns. Consider the sleeve length, weight, and material the gown is constructed of to ensure it’s right for the particular season.

After you’ve decided on a christening gown, you’ll also want to add some accessories. Finish with white socks, shoes, and a blanket or shawl for cooler weather. You can also adorn baby girls with infant-appropriate jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. To celebrate this special occasion, religious and sentimental items are usually gifted like angel figurines or a Baby’s First Bible. Bibs and towels are common and practical accessories to pair with a traditional christening gown. A bib will protect the delicate gown while a keepsake towel can be used to dry the head after the ceremony.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional christening gown or you want to choose something more modern, Eva La Cúz dresses are handmade and custom in size. They are handcrafted in the United States by a Latina mother who is passionate about creating intricate and beautiful designs to make your little girl’s day as special as possible.

Here are five popular style options for baptism baby gowns.

The Classic

A baptism gown is the perfect time to keep it classic. This timeless handmade dress is composed of layers of ruffles finished with an adorable bow. The fabric is a soft tulle so it’s super comfortable and gives your baby girl plenty of wiggle room.


The Non-White Dress

If you’re looking to opt-out of a traditional white, this handmade sand-colored dress is beautiful lace in a color darker than ivory. The soft lace offers a beautiful embellishment while still offering comfort to your special day.


The Glam Option

A thick lace, ruffled bodice, and subtle sequins all come together into this highly detailed baptism gown. The sequin and lace combo are an extra special touch to this unique handmade dress.


A Modern Touch

Subtle polka dots shine through the pure white satin and ivory lace of this adorable baptism dress. Transparent sleeves, a baby-doll bodice, and a fluffy skirt are a classic baptismal dress shape but the polka dots add a modern touch.


Vintage Inspired

Rows of ruffled lace and an oversized bow are showcased in this intricate vintage-inspired christening gown. The lace is extra soft so the dress not only looks good for the special day, it’s comfortable for your little one.


Whatever version of a traditional christening gown you’re looking for, a dress that feels special is important for their big day, and what is more special than a dress handmade with love?

February 27, 2021 — Jennifer Ladd