Our Story - Eva La Cúz

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Our Story

Eva La Cúz FounderEva La Cúz was born and raised on the "Enchanted Island" of Puerto Rico. Our small business was built through loving labor and care to detail, following the example set by a dedicated family seamstress: Paula, our grandmother. Paula created beautiful hand-stitched clothing for our family many years ago.
This practice was built out of necessity as new garments from retail stores were out of our budget. Her resources and funds may have been limited, but her dedication to her family saw no boundaries. Eva’s mother, Berta, learned from Paula, and Eva has learned from watching her mom sew since she was a little girl. Her passion was passed down through generations, and Eva La Cúz now continues her labor of love by creating garments for little girls around the world, creating memories that will last forever.  
Eva La Cuz Founder

With the convenience of delivery to your doorstep, our premium quality clothing can be custom made for a proper fit for any special occasion. When it comes to your little girl's celebration we strive to push our boundaries to please and satisfy you for her perfect day. Let’s create memories together with our enchanting styles!

Our designs are handcrafted in the US. With over 30 years of experience sewing garments, our priority is providing you with top-quality handmade and custom pieces from newborn to 8 years old. From special occasion dresses for her christening to a birthday party, to beautiful everyday wear and clothing sets, we have a variety of styles available to celebrate the important moments of her life. When you dress your little girl with an Eva La Cúz design you simply won’t find the same style anywhere else.

Eva La Cuz Grandma

Our family sewing tradition continues with the same dedication and passion. Our dresses carry the names of girls and women in our family, honoring the heritage of self-love, compassion, and family unity. Eva La Cúz was born in 2017, and together with my daughter Jennifer, we wish to celebrate your little girl’s milestone.



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